We work in a variety of Early Years settings and can provide different training packages to suit the individual needs of your Preschool, Nursery or Children & Family Centre.

Would you like a Speech and Language Therapist to work alongside the staff and children in your setting?

We run ‘Baby Talk’, ‘Toddler Talk’ and ‘Ready 4 School’ groups. These 6 week courses develop children’s communication skills whilst providing excellent ‘on-the-job’ training for staff. Each course includes training in visual support and signing. Staff will also learn fun ways to develop children’s attention, listening and talking skills in small groups.

‘Baby Talk’ develops the communication skills of babies aged 6- 18 months

‘Toddler Talk’ is suitable for children aged approximately 18 months  -3 years.

‘Ready 4 School’ is for children aged 3½- 4 years and targets children’s language, speech sound, phonological awareness skills and social skills to prepare children for starting school.

These courses also train staff to identify when children’s language skills are delayed and when to seek additional support.

We also offer whole day, half day or 1 hour training sessions on children’s Speech, Language and Communication skills in the Early Years. These sessions cover a range of topics including:

  • Speech, Language and Communication  Skills in the Early Years
  • How to make your setting a communication friendly environment.
  • How to help children to listen and concentrate.
  • How to help develop children’s understanding and talking skills.
  • How to help children’s speech and pronunciation skills.

Please contact us for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss how we can work with you.