Do you have concerns about your child’s communication skills?

Children of all ages can experience difficulties with their talking and listening skills. 

Would you like to chat to someone about your child’s speech and language development?

Contact us to discuss ways that we may be able to help or to arrange a specialist assessment for your child.

What to expect:

AssessmentAn initial assessment will involve talking to you about your child’s development and taking a case history. The amount and type of assessment will vary depending on their individual needs. Your child’s communication skills will  be assessed by the speech and language therapist by observing their play, concentration and language. Informal and/or formal assessments will also be carried out to assess the following areas:

Basic CMYK

After the assessment the therapist will discuss your child’s strengths and areas for development with you. Recommendations for further assessment or therapy will also be made if it is needed.

ReportsA report detailing the assessment results and recommendations can also be written.

TherapyThe options for further therapy would be discussed with you and could include:

  • A visit to your child’s preschool / school to observe them and give advice to teaching staff.
  • A block of therapy sessions to work on areas that need developing.
  • A written programme of therapy activities for your child that can be carried out by parents at home and/or staff at preschool or school.


Initial telephone Consultation: Free

First Assessment: £120 cost includes:

  • Pre assessment planning including reading of reports (with parental consent) from any other professionals, such as NHS Speech and Language Therapists involved with your child.
  • 60 – 90 minute  face to face assessment  session with you and your child.
  • Verbal feedback of the assessment results and discussion of your child’s strengths and needs.
  • Recommendations regarding next steps and any further therapy  needed, this will be documented in a brief  written summary.
  • A written report is not included but can be requested (see below)
  • Travel if within 10 mile round trip
  • Further assessment sessions can be carried out if required at an additional cost.

Reports: from £70 depending on the length and complexity of report required. The cost will be agreed prior to the therapist writing the report.

Therapy sessions: £70 cost includes:

  • Pre- session planning of therapy goals and activities to achieve these.
  • Preparation of specific materials required in the session.
  • 60 minutes face to face therapy session with you and your child. This includes discussion with you regarding your child’s progress and recommendations of  activities to carry out at home.
  • Post-session write up in child’s casenotes.
  • Travel if within 10 mile round trip.
  • 45 minute sessions also available at an adjusted price.

Written therapy programmes:  Individual therapy programmes to be carried out by parents at home and/or education staff. Price dependent on type and complexity of home/school programme required. The cost will be agreed prior to the therapist writing the programme.

Pre School/ School Visits: £70 per hour cost includes:

  • Pre – visit planning and arrangements by telephone to meet with the appropriate staff members e.g. preschool practitioners, SENCos, teaching staff.
  • Observation of your child (if required) in education setting.
  • Meeting with a member of education staff to discuss ways to support your child’s communication skills in school / preschool. This may include setting targets and demonstration of activities or techniques to develop your child’s skills.
  • Post – visit feedback to you regarding visit.
  • Travel if within 10 mile round trip.

Additional charges made for telephone calls over 10 minutes in duration and travel over 10 mile round trips. These will be agreed in advance.