We have many years experience working in wide range of primary schools across Bromley and can tailor our service to the individual needs of your setting. Communication is one of the key sets of skills highlighted in Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook, which should be embedded across the curriculum. We believe in working together with teaching staff and parents to improve the outcomes for children in your school.

Please contact us for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss how we can work with you.

See below for our fee structure:

Annual planning meeting : Free

We are able to visit schools for a 1 hour session for an individual child or provide both a half day, or a full day service for assessment and /or therapy sessions. We also have a screening service for reception aged children.

Half day: £200

Whole day: £300  

Cost includes:

  • Therapist in school for full/ half day
  • Pre-session planning and post session write up as above.
  • Children can be seen individually, in pairs or in groups.

Individual appointments: £70 cost includes:

  • Pre-session planning including reading of reports (with parental consent) from any other professionals, such as NHS Speech and Language Therapists involved with the child.
  • Pre- session planning of therapy goals and activities to achieve these.
  • Preparation of specific materials required in the session.
  • 30-40 minutes face to face therapy session with child and a member of education staff. Plus 15-20 minutes of discussion with education staff regarding the child’s progress and recommendations of  activities to carry out in school.
  • Post-session write up in child’s casenotes.
  • Travel if within 10 mile round trip.
  • Children must be seen with either a parent, and /or a member of education staff present in order for carryover of activities to be possible.

If assessment is required, this may need to be carried out over two sessions.

Reports: from £70 depending on the length and complexity of report required. The cost will be agreed prior to the therapist writing the report.

Attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings – £70 per hour

Staff Training

We can offer bespoke training packages depending on the needs of your school. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.